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Alarm Desk Edition

Sometimes less is more. The Smart Client is a powerfull tool to view Live Video and investigate in recordings. The best way to make sure the operator is well educated and knows how to use it. Sometimes this can be to much. Sometimes the use case is different. A receptionist usually works with her pc and having the Smart Client open can be to much.

For such applications and requirements, Smart Software has developed a desktop Client. A small application, which runs in the background. Alarm Desk Edition doesn't require any interaction. Usually the Secretary doesn't even see it. However if a person rings at the door or an other alarm which requires her attention is triggered, the Alarm Desk Client appears and shows the related video. Once the Alarm is handled, the client disapears again....  

Alarm Desk Edition features:

  • Popup functionality

  • 2 Way Audio

  • Alarm verification and handling

  • Trigger events to open a door or similar

  • Alarm List 

  • Easy Playback

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