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Smart Client Remote Control

With the Smart Client Remote Control Plugin it is possible to fully control the client from external sources, such as 3rd Party Systems or browsers of any Device. The integration possibilities are endless and easy to achieve thanks to the available API's.

Smart RC – Smart Client Remote Control over HTTP

  - Easy integration and control of the Smart Client using the browser of any device

- Auto generated API allows copy paste of more than 60 Built in commands including a sample page for Live, Playback and PTZ Control

Advanced XML API for deeper 3rd party integration

  • API Protocol testing Tool available upon request

  • Fully documented XML API

  • Advanced Features including Evidence Lock and Export

  • Shorter development Time for custom video control applications

  • Versatile use of the SmartClient including support for SmartClient MIP Plugins e.g. 3rd party dewarping, transact, Video analytics etc.

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