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Control Room

In many mid-size projects there is a need for control room functionality, similar to the old analog days, where a matrix Switch was used. Unfortunately there are a lot of work arounds that need to be done if such operator centric functionality is needed.

The Control Room Plugin is the solution for such small to medium control rooms. It adds the needed features customer know and like in their old system.

  • Alarm Pop ups with Alarm Handling features

  • Alarm visualization over different monitors

  • Visualization monitors controlled by central Smart-Client

Control Room supports all Milestone Versions (Essential, Express, Professional, Expert and Corporate). It is seamlessly integrated into Milestone using the MIP SDK. Installing the plugin will allow you to control different displays from different central Smart Clients using a unique control and alarm interface. The interface can use maps to visualize the system but it can also be used for important functions. Giving less experienced users access to all critical actions.

The Control Room plugin supports up to 6 monitors and therefore is ideally suited for mid-size installations with the need for control room features.

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